Thursday, April 19, 2012

python without wing

Okay, I'm really new with python and in my class the prof assigned a homework where we fix codes without wing. I'm really confused because the prompt asks us to 'open a terminal window by clicking on the icon in the task bar that looks like a terminal screen. After it opens, it will display a prompt. Type the commands:
cd Desktop/cs141/11execution
so i understand what it is asking me to do and i think i opened the terminal window... but it gives me a syntax error. Can someone explain to me how to actually use python (how to open files without using wing.). I'm sorry if this sounds dumb but i'm extremely confused because i can't even open the file to get working on it.
Sorry, this isn't specific... okay so i opened the terminal window and i typed in the command that the homework told me to do and it gave me this:

cd Desktop/cs141/11execution
File "<stdin>", line 1
cd Desktop/cs141/11execution
SyntaxError: invalid token

D: i have no idea what's going on because i'm already having problems :[

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