Thursday, April 19, 2012

PHP Incrementing a Multi-Dimensional Array

having some issues with getting the output from an array. I've looked around and can't seem to find out why my array isn't assigning an index to each portion of an array. I've looked around and even tried adding a counter variable to the piece of the array but that doesn't seem to create an index. I'm pretty new to PHP so any help that anyone can give me would be appreciated.

foreach($dbh->query('SELECT n_productID, t_productName, t_categoryName FROM v_prodcatintersect') as $row) {
"prodID" => $prodID,
"prodName" => $prodName,
"prodCategor" => $prodCategor
for($i = 0, $size = sizeof($products); $i < $size; ++$i){
echo "The product ID is ".$products[$i]["prodID"];
echo " The product name is ".$products[$i]["prodName"];
echo " Product Category ".$products[$i]["prodCategor"];

Right now the output from the array (from the print_r) is "Array ( [0] => Array ( [prodID] => 1 [prodName] => iPhone 4 [prodCategor] => Smartphones ) ) Array ( [0] => Array ( [prodID] => 2 [prodName] => Droid 3 [prodCategor] => Smartphones ) )". And the echo's only print the second item out of two since they both have the same index. Appreciate any help with creating an index here. Thanks.

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