Monday, May 14, 2012

Jquery get id or class from dynamic element

Let say I have 5 element from PHP query (so it is dynamic)
Illustrated below:

element 1 class=element id=id_1

element 2 class=element id=id_2

element 3 class=element id=id_3

element 4 class=element id=id_4

element 5 class=element id=id_5

we ussulay use jquery event by knowing their class or id, but in this case, we don't know exactly their id

$("#id_3").click(function(){ //in this case we have known we want to add event when we click id_3


but how to deal with dynamic element from PHP query?

for example, how can we know that we click on element 3 with id_3?

What mus we fill in $(????).click(); ??

when I use class, how can I know which id I reference from the class clicked?

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