Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is it possible to make IEnumerable<char> implement IComparable?

As titled.

We all know if we want a class to be comparable and use in sorting i.e DataGrid, we will implement IComparable.

But for IEnumerable how can I do that?

I have a collection of a IEnumerable, we want to compare each IEnumerable to each other and do a sorting.

So say a collection List<IEnumerable<char>> that contains:

IEnumerable<char> EnumableA contains: "d", "e", "f"

IEnumerable<char> EnumableB contains: "d", "e", "c"

If we bind the collection List<IEnumerable<char>> to a DataGrid,
when we sort them in acs order, the order will be EnumableB 1st, then EnumableA the 2nd.

I do think of solution such as store the EnumableA into an object whichs implment IComparable, but then this would require to create another collection of objects, which will be expensive.

So is it possible or anyway to APPEND a IComparable interface and my sorting implmentation to the IEnuerable<char> so it will be sortable?

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