Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How would I go about building an API converter?

I have multiple different APIs with different schemas serialised in XML or JSON which I need to output as a standardised schema.

Main features needed:

  • Serialisation to XML and JSON

  • Authentication

    • I.e.: can't get/set data unless you have the correct user+pass

  • Role/Scope limitation

    • I.e.: you can't access everything in our database, only what your role allows for

  • Get/set (conversion) between different schemas

    • I.e.: No matter the input API, you can get it formatted in whichever output API you request

Is this the sort of problem Slumber with TastyPie would be best for?

Or are there a different libraries you'd recommend? - [happy to use C#, C++ or Ruby instead if they have libraries better suited to this problem]

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