Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to express more OOP in the Mars Rovers Program test

It's a interview problem, i was told to solve the problem Mars Rover.

The rover runs in a plane. As from (0,0) to (5,5).

The rover could proceed 3 movement which are Turn Left, Turn Right, and Move Forward.

The input of the program is a coordinate in the plane such as (1,1) and a sequence of the movement such as LMRMLMLM (L/R means turn left/right, M means move),
the output is the result coordinate of the rover in the end.

What I already done is I program the rover as a object, it has some method like turn left/right and move, and some attribute like the coordinate of the rover. And the whole map is also as a object.

BUT, the technical HR told me that is not good enough to express the OOP, SO, what I want to know is what can I should do in this small program test?

Thanks everyone in this Questions.

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