Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weka: ADTree and LADTree Illegal Options Error

Before I start my question, I should preface it by saying that the main Weka site is down, and I can't access its support pages.

I'm trying to call Weka classifiers from some automation software and I'm running into a problem - I'm calling it with options I know to be legal from the explorer GUI, but I'm getting an exception telling me that those options are illegal:

Explorer classifier path:

weka.classifiers.trees.ADTree -B 10 -E -3

My code:

classifier = trainWekaClassifier(matlab2weka('training', featurelabels, train), trees.ADTree', {strcat('-B 10 -E -3')});

The error is:

??? Java exception occurred:
java.lang.Exception: Illegal options: -B 10 -E -3

at weka.core.Utils.checkForRemainingOptions(Utils.java:482)

at weka.classifiers.trees.ADTree.setOptions(ADTree.java:1144)

Error in ==> trainWekaClassifier at 40

Error in ==> classifier_search at 223
classifier = trainWekaClassifier(matlab2weka('training', featurelabels,
train), 'trees.ADTree', {strcat('-B 10 -E -3')});

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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