Friday, April 20, 2012

Storing the configuration data - which way?

I'm in progress with developing my new website with Codeigniter framework. The key is that, I'd like to have most things to be configurable in my admin panel.

I haven't got much experience about storing the data, so which way its going to be better: PHP configuration files or MySQL table?

There will be pretty a high amount of configurations, so I would like to access it as fast as possible: for example with the MVC's model , but none said I can't do the same with the helper (for the PHP configuration files) ... So it all depends on which way its going to be: accessable faster, better to update. In my opinion, MySQL will be a better choice for this, since all I need there is just a little query - but I would first listen to your opinions guys, as most of you have a great experience related to this kind of stuff.

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