Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Send a message to a friend, I wonder Javascript API

Republic of Korea, I am a developer.

Now Facebook and Twitter-based website make.

Javascript API as a message to several friends

I want to spend.

So I consulted the Iframe Javascript API methods or using Facebook page looked as sending.

I wonder.

I use to send messages to friends as a Javascript API that provides a?

I do not know English well. So I used Google translator.

Please understand.

FB.api (path, "post", {

message: msg,

caption: "caption caption",

link: "",

description: "Description Description",

picture: "",

tag: "Tag",

name: "name names",

access_token: accessToken

}, Function (response) {

if (! response | | response.error){

alert ("error");



alert (;



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