Monday, April 16, 2012

Questions on GWT and other "Web Application Frameworks"

I have to develop a web application with database connection. So I checked on Wikipedia's "Web application comparison"

Here I was mainly looking for Java based frameworks. The first thing that looked interesting to me was "GWT". But there are some points that are not clear to me.

  1. The page doesn't contain any information on whether GWT uses the MVC-pattern. Does it?

  2. Further it doesn't say anything about push or pull functionalities. So what does GWT use?

  3. On "DB migration frameworks" it says, "via java". Does that mean that I can use any database that I can connect with Java?

  4. Is it a reasonable decision to choose GWT to implement a web based application with database connection which is used in a company network? Or are there any arguments which would make me consider any other frameworks?

  5. I am originaly a .Net (C#) developer and I also heard about the .NET "StockTrader" sample application. What would be pros & cons vs GWT? Or are those two different things?

As you can see I am totaly new to this things and I would strongly appreciate it if that question doesn't get closed because it is about forming an opinion. I am openminded for any advice or suggestions on other frameworks.


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