Monday, April 30, 2012

llvm pass error

i'm using this guide: for creating an llvm pass, but i have the following error when i use

opt -load ../../../Debug+Asserts/lib/ -hello < hello.bc > /dev/null

Error opening '../../../Release/lib/': ../../../Release/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN4llvm12PassRegistry12registerPassERKNS_8PassInfoEb
-load request ignored.
opt: Unknown command line argument '-hello'. Try: 'opt -help'

note that i haven't the folder "Debug+Asserts" but "Release"

someone know what's the problem?

maybe because for creating the Hello.bc file i use llvm-clang instead of llvm-gcc? (this guide says to use llvm-gcc but it doesn'n work: or maybe because i have opt version 2.8 while i'm using llvm-3.0 ?

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