Tuesday, April 10, 2012

HTTP Status 404 error in Eclipse using Tomcat

When i tried to create a small demo in Eclipse with Tomcat (Tomcat 7.0.27, Eclipse Europa and Java 1.6.0_32 ) , i got this error when lauching the page :

HTTP Status 404 - /Demo/
type Status report
message /Demo/
description The requested resource (/Demo/) is not available.
Apache Tomcat/7.0.27

I recorded the screen, please have a look at this video (try playing in HD): http://www.screenr.com/L5d8

Where am I wrong?


  1. You created index page inside WEB-INF that is not public web area, your user can't access it directly,

    Pull out the index page in webcontent (parallel to WEB-INF)