Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Broken iconv PHP extension detected, installation can not continue

I have downloaded Moodle and extracted zip file. then i have placed this moodle in MAMP/htdocs. Now i am browsing from localhost:8888/moodle, i am geting these following error.
"Broken iconv PHP extension detected, installation can not continue.". How can i fix it?


You question is actually offtopic (hope this get moved), Moodle does not work with every version of MAMP. You need to find a version of MAMP that works with Moodle in your case.
The MAMP is known to have completely broken icon extension, no Moodle version that requires iconv can work with that. I suppose there should be some bold letter warning, the only trouble is that some users will not believe us as usually...
The Moodle 2.2dev will stop the install and upgrades completely if broken iconv detected, I am not sure that is the bast solution for stable.
This is a blocker because any data processed by broken iconv is completely lost...
You might need to update or downgrade your MAMP setup, the ICONV problem was fixed in MAMP / MAMP PRO 2.0.2. See as well Broken iconv php extension MAMP.

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